The Commodore's Watch

July 2013

Hi and welcome to the start of summer edition of your Signal Since summer started (summer equinox ) the days are now getting shorter ( bummer ) but they are getting warmer (yea !) go figure !!

The big news as most of us know is that the ”big” tree has fallen. For over 40 years the talk has been about when it would come down. The other news is that there is /was a giant hogweed plant on the west side of the drive into the club.


August 2013

Hi and Welcome to your “more warm days" or the Aug. edition of the Signal.

As you all know, we got hit very hard with the last flood. The loss of docks, poles, picnic tables, dock boxes and the big tree was washed down river. The water was high enough in the parking lot to float our dumpster out into the lot up the driveway and into the river, where it went for a ride. But just as soon as it was possible Bobby Breau took his boat and with Larry and Dave O, spent 9 hard hours, hauling back 14 dock sections, 18 / 20 4x4 dock poles and 5 picnic tables.


September 2013

Hi and welcome to the start of fall edition of your signal.

I say the start of fall because the EX is over and at the end of the EX is the Air Show. This year’s show was a little smaller but was still enjoyed by all that got to see it. The talk now is “let’s get out one more time before haul-out" And talking about haul-out, those without trailers do YOU know where your cradle and bow box are?? And what shape they are in? Don't forget - that we had a flood and your " stuff" might not be where you think it is, or even worse it might even have been swept away. Ya might want to come down and make sure that YOUR cradle and box are ready to hold your boat.


February 2014

Hi and Welcome to the (still cold) February edition of your signal.

Cold!! Well we have not had it as bad as Toronto BUT it was so cold at the TAMPA airport on the 23rd of Jan, some aircraft had to be De-iced!! Very Very Rare !!

Shirl and I took our friends, Brian and El over to Astor to visit with Gary Hawn and Bob Spence. As you can see in the photos they both are looking good. Gary seems to be in good spirits, has a few new friends - again this year and is working on a few more repairs to his boat. I did not ask about his present dock but I think that he got the same spot as last year, which is good as he is only about 20 yards from the restaurant and all the stuff it has to offer.


October 2013

Hi and welcome to the quieter month of October.

I say quieter because we only have a few events this month.

Staying with Sept for a min, Commodores Ball was just that, A BALL. Chef Rozi did a fantastic job in the kitchen with her sidekick, Chef Dan. It was one of the best meals we have had at the club. As a lot of you know, Shirl and I have eaten in some of the specialty restaurants onboard the cruise ships, and Rozi’s food was better!


November 2013

Hi and Welcome to your November Signal !!!

A lot has happened now that the boats are out and put away for the winter.

Larry and Dave have put up the entire fence along the East-West line of the south end of the parking lot. They will continue with the erection of the north run of fence line as materials are available. Thanks to you both.


December 2013

Hi and Welcome to the Merry Christmas edition of your signal.

To start off, Merry Christmas to you all, and Shirl and I hope that your season is filled with joy and good health.
There is a Council of Commodores meeting on the 9th of Dec, and the main item on the agenda is “TAXES ". I will have a report for you on the 10th to keep you up-dated. I will ask Tracey to email all who have their e-mail on file.


January 2014

Hi and welcome to the New Year and the first edition of the 2014 Signal

Shirl and I would like to wish you and your families the Happiest and Healthiest New Years ever.

At the last Council of Commodores meeting, Dec 9th, the main topic was the up-coming 2015 games and the possible effect of the four classes of sailboat racing on our pleasure boating in the harbour. From what we were told is that there will be NO problems for us pleasure boaters as the race courses will be set up in the north / east corner of the harbour. There will also be courses set up out-side the harbour, but will not effect us. There MIGHT be some disruption in the Ward's Island ferry service. More later.


March 2014

commodore Andrew

It’s hard to imagine that there is still three and a half weeks left of this insufferable winter. Snow, Ice and Frigid Temperatures...

O.K. I got that off my chest.

Now for something uplifting…

Your Board of Directors has had its first meeting and I am pleased to inform you that I came away from the meeting very optimistic about the future of our club. It was mentioned during the meeting that 2014 will be the year of positive change. I feel confident that this Board will make it happen.


April 2014

commodore Andrew

As spring is “officially” here, (unofficially it’s still damn cold and the snow and ice are taking their sweet time disappearing), we will be called upon to participate (Volunteer) to spruce up our Club. Volunteering to help out at the Club has a two-fold benefit, while meeting new people during whatever project you are helping with you are also helping the Club and yourself save money, a win-win for both you and us.

Keeping our Club "Ship Shape" can also help in increasing our Membership. It's time to shed the image of The Best Kept Secret in Toronto.


May 2014

commodore AndrewYou should never rely on a weather forecast predicted by a ground hog.

Having said this, there is no ice in the river and the docks will be in soon.

I would like to thank Harry and his First Mates, for providing an interesting evening of entertainment April 26th.

Can't wait to see what else he has in store for us.

Don't forget, your input and participation are important to the continuing success of the THYC

"Capt. Andy"
p.s. Play Hard and Play Safe

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