The Commodore's Watch

December 2015

commodore Andrew

Hi everyone;

Well the most wonderful season of the year is here.

Time to hurry out and about. Gift getting, turkey getting and cards of good wishes to be sent out.

Don't forget about the less fortunate especially at this time of year. Food banks, Christmas Kettles at the Malls or at the very least a smile and a wish of good cheer to everyone you meet.

In closing Nadia and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Andrew Witwicky, Commodore


November 2015

commodore Andrew

Hi everyone;

As the premier event of the year, and one that should not be missed, The Commodores' Ball, this year, as in the past, was a success on all levels.

I would like to thank everyone involved in organizing this event. Their efforts made it memorable. I would ask the members who had friends attend, to be sure to extend my thanks to them as well.

Good meal, good music, good friends, these are the ingredients for a great time.

I would be remiss if I forgot to acknowledge the magical transformation of the club by the very talented Ursula.

Nadia and I look forward to seeing you all at next years Ball.

Andrew Witwicky, Commodore

October 2015

commodore Andrew

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cites).

Boats in the water, boats out of the water, soon they will all be out and another chapter will have come to an end.

While we are hoping for rain to see the river rise we forget the problems created to other aspects of the club. Namely, the potential for roof leaks, which brings me to my point. The shingles above the entrance have deteriorated to the point that they no longer are a barrier to rain fall, resulting in having to be replaced.

This repair while never planned for is none the less scheduled and will be completed over the next few weeks.

Once again the Annual Corn Roast, hosted by Vice Commodore, Ron Gilpin and his able crew was a great success. Thank you all, you have raised the bar again. We have a challenge to meet or beat that level next year.

I can hardly wait to see what challenges and rewards the next chapter brings.

If I don’t see you on the bank, I hope to see you in the club.

Andrew Witwicky, Commodore

September 2015

commodore Andrew

Hi everyone;  
It's hard to tell by looking outside; overcast, damp, 17 deg., that it's still "Summer", well, at least the last half of it.
The "Grand Lady" by the lake, known as the Ex. has started.  This heralds the last hurrah of Summer.

Being an optimist as most of us are, I'm sure we will have many more delightful days on the water (or at least, at the Club).

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming "Annual Corn Roast", and don't forget to get your tickets for the "Commodore's Ball".

Just a cautious reminder to always secure your boat with an adequate Storm Line while docked.  As you know Mother Nature and the river are always unpredictable.

Well, that's about it for now.

See you soon,
Andrew Witwicky

August 2015

commodore Andrew

While it is easy for me to "gush" about the appearance of our club, the landscaping, parking lot and drive way, the new ramp to the gas dock, in short the overall "curb appeal", I would like members to send me suggestions as to what other improvements you would like to see.

You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Suggestions will be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Should your suggestion be approved for follow up, you will be invited to a Board meeting to discuss implementation.

This is the same process which resulted in the new gas dock ramp.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Before I sign off, on behalf of everyone at the club, I would like to wish Harry & Melisa "Best Wishes" on their recent marriage.

Andrew Witwicky

July 2015

commodore Andrew

I would like to thank all the members and guests who participated in our Annual Sail Past ceremonies.

Those who where unable to attend missed the pleasure of participating in one of our oldest traditions.

We hope to see you at next year’s event.

Andrew Witwicky, Commodore

May 2015

commodore Andrew

It finally happened; we had a Great Saturday prior to the long awaited "Boating Season" at the THYC.

I would like to thank all those members (Social, Paddlers and Boaters) Spouses and Guests who set aside their gardening chores and volunteered their time to help build new dock sections under the direction of Larry Laurila. Also a thank you to those who have started to clean up their patio areas in anticipation of the Great Summer ahead of us. In case you haven't noticed, the Garden areas around the Club House are being spruced up by a very capable Mike Mitchell. If you would like to assist him, give him a call. I'm sure he would appreciate offers of help.

For those who are wondering when the docks are going to be installed, my best guess (after consulting with Mother Nature and Sid Mills) is prior to the long weekend in May.

Please check the Event Schedule for upcoming events.

Well I guess that it for now. See you at the club.

Andrew Witwicky

June 2015

commodore Andrew

Well it looks like Mother Nature co-operated with Mario and his crew this year. The docks are in.

Now it’s safe to announce that the Boating Season is finally here.

In case you weren't around for the annual "Huddy Mumber" invitational dinghy race, regrettably, the entry from Mimico YC beat out our valiant entry by an oar.

Like the Leafs, there's always next year.

I recently thanked those members who have started to clean-up their dockside BBQ areas.

There are a few areas that have yet to be cleaned up.

The dead line tor this clean-up is June 30th, 2015.

If you require assistance please contact Sid Mills and I'm certain that there are individuals who still require work hours for this year that would be willing to assist.

See you at the club,
Andrew Witwicky


April 2015

commodore Andrew

Hi everyone;

Well "Spring Break" is over and Nadia and I are back from our trip down south. Good weather, good times good friends. The only spoiler was not being able to bring back sunny skies and warm (80 degree) temperatures. At least we have warm memories and snap shots to remind us what we all might be doing in a couple of months (we are such optimists).

Easter is quickly approaching and despite the unseasonable weather I'm certain for we all have something to be grateful for.
Nadia and I wish everyone a Happy Easter.

See you soon,
Andrew Witwicky

happy easter

March 2015

commodore Andrew

Hi everyone;

According to the calendar we are getting closer to "Spring". By the time you have read this Nadia and I will be on our way to the sunny south. Hope we bring back sunshine, blue skies and warm weather. Looking forward to a change in climate.

See you when we return.

Andrew Witwicky, Commodore

February 2015

commodore Andrew

Every day of the year is important. But, the two important dates in February are the 8th and the 14th.

The first one is our Annual General Meeting and the second is St. Valentine's Day.

Neither of these days should be missed.

While I look forward to seeing you all at the A.G.M. it's not necessary to send me red roses.

See you soon,
Andrew Witwicky.


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