April 2017


Hi and here we go with the start of another great year at the club.

This year we are starting off with a private party on the 30th and then on Fri we have the first of our Pot - Luck dinners.   Andrew has a new twist for the dinners but more in side.    

Also inside   there are the dates for the  upcoming Wine n Cheese, Dingy Race, Sail Past just to name a few.  

The bar is stocked up and ready for you to enjoy.  It is also time to "think" about getting the tarps off and at least making "some" plans for the upcoming season. Clocks are forward in anticipation  and   spring is here!  

As of this writing the Leafs are fighting for a play-off spot and   when they win it, we  will be able to watch the games on the big screen at the bar.  Plan o n coming down to cheer them on to victory either the Stanley Cup  or   an early "tee time"  

Staying with sports ……  Here's a Hoops Trivia for you who invented  the SLAM DUNK ?  
A.   Julius Erving  
B.   Bob Kurland
C.   Moses Malone
D.   Wilt Chamberlain

Answer on page 4     

A Brain teaser for you

Suppose you have fifty coins with at least one of them a quarter, totaling  exactly $ 1.00.  If you happen to drop a coin at random; What is the probability  that it is a penny ? Answer on page 4

There was a little mistake in last month’s  signal. (my fault) I told you of the mention of nuts. It should have read …….

Religious Scholars know that they'll find no mention of peanuts, cashews, pecans or macadamias in the Bible; the only nuts mentioned in that book are almonds and pistachios.  

You also might be surprised to learn that the blood of a grasshopper is white !   

And just in case that it’s still cold up there, as you know Polar bears can grow to be massive, weighing more than 2000.lbs as adults. However, when they are born, polar bear cubs weigh no more than a pound.  

See you in the club or on the bank
Warm regards  

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