The Commodore's Watch

August 2017


Hi and yes we did take a minor hit.

During last week's heavy downpour the water rose fast and wiped out a couple of docks.

Billy's Darcy’s and ours suffered the most but the recovery is now complete and the water front looks " normal " The photos show our " celebrity " dock repair crew.

Sail-past is coming up fast with more info inside, and at the club.

Fri night dinners are still going strong with more and more secret recipes coming out... The even better news is that there are a few dates that are open if you would like to "show your stuff!"

The weekend after the Air Show (way off in Sept.) is the annual corn roast.

Please see the flyer inside.

Ran across these

Don't changes horses until they stop running.
The pen is mightier than the pigs.
An idle mind is the best way to relax.
Better late than pregnant.

Hope to see you on the river (sailpast), on the bank, AND, in the club.

Warm regards Ron

July 2017


Hi and here we go again

The river! It's going down…not a lot or real fast…but it is going in the right direction. So let’s get the boats out and explore the river again. Many of you will now "clear the bridge".

The Parks and Rec people have been in and along our road leading to the club and have removed about 6 poisonous hog wart plants. These ARE dangerous plants and the workers must wear Haz - Mat suits so well done to Parks n Recs dept.

We have had a busy spring and summer season so far with dinners, functions and private parties and it looks like it will continue. Just check out the events page.

And remember that a truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour and HONK if you love peace and quiet.
See you in the club, the bank, and now, maybe, on the river

Regards Ron

June 2017


Hi and “ way to go” T.H.Y.C. winners of the dingy race

Thanks to the coaches, sponsors, advertisers and of course the TEAMS. WELL DONE !

The water levels are still high…. BUT we have our hopes for the water level to recede SOON. We are not the only club with water problems. There are over twenty clubs in the GTA that have closed their clubs to visitors until further notice. The only ones that are open have floating docks.

Most of the club's docks are under water and with the break walls partially under water; they provide NO protection to the shore based clubs. In our own way we are very lucky. We can still launch our boats and "run the river". Our docks are partially in and we CAN tie our boats to them. Thanks to Dave and his crew for getting them in. Won’t be long now till we are back to "normal".

Dinners are doing well ….with great food and nice size groups coming in to enjoy. We can still use YOUR input for a Fri night dinner - just let Andrew or June know what date you would like. Or you can let Ursula know and the word WILL get around!

Don't for get to mark your calendars of the upcoming date change... Sailpast has been moved to AUG the 19th.

For our dog lovers,

Here is a list of the Top Ten Quietest Dogs
1 Akbash Dog
2 Basenji
3 Borzoi
4 Bulldog
5 Cane Corso
6 Chesapeake Bay Retriever
7 Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
8 Irish Wolfhound
9 Italian Greyhound
10 Whippet

In the meantime, I will look for you in the club, on the bank AND on the river

Warm regards Ron

May 2017


Hi and Yup it's still cold - what’s going on?

Well there is lots going on down at the club, Thurs night jamming with the band, Fri night dinner hosted by one of the members and Sundays are always a great time to come visit with friends (an get out of the cold).

The docks are going in but the problem is the high water. The guys are doing the BEST they can but it is VERY hard to hammer nails under water. That's one of the o bstacles that they have to face; the other is they have to hamm er in VERY cold water.

The river has not warmed up as much as the land (??). A tip of the THYC burgee to the dock installers. WELL done guys!

We have had a few new members join this month and we would like to welcome them all aboard. We hope that you all enjoy the club and if there are any questions… just ask, as we are all here to help.

I mentioned the Fri night dinners that are hosted by different club members - well if you would like to "do a dinner" we do have some dates still available for you to choose from. Just ask Andrew or June and they will be happy to help you with your " dinner date "

Don't forget to check the "events page" for the latest upcomi ng events.

See you in th e club, on the bank or (soon) on the river.

Warm regards Ron.

April 2017


Hi and here we go with the start of another great year at the club.

This year we are starting off with a private party on the 30th and then on Fri we have the first of our Pot - Luck dinners.   Andrew has a new twist for the dinners but more in side.    

Also inside   there are the dates for the  upcoming Wine n Cheese, Dingy Race, Sail Past just to name a few.  

The bar is stocked up and ready for you to enjoy.  It is also time to "think" about getting the tarps off and at least making "some" plans for the upcoming season. Clocks are forward in anticipation  and   spring is here!  

As of this writing the Leafs are fighting for a play-off spot and   when they win it, we  will be able to watch the games on the big screen at the bar.  Plan o n coming down to cheer them on to victory either the Stanley Cup  or   an early "tee time"  

Staying with sports ……  Here's a Hoops Trivia for you who invented  the SLAM DUNK ?  
A.   Julius Erving  
B.   Bob Kurland
C.   Moses Malone
D.   Wilt Chamberlain

Answer on page 4     

A Brain teaser for you

Suppose you have fifty coins with at least one of them a quarter, totaling  exactly $ 1.00.  If you happen to drop a coin at random; What is the probability  that it is a penny ? Answer on page 4

There was a little mistake in last month’s  signal. (my fault) I told you of the mention of nuts. It should have read …….

Religious Scholars know that they'll find no mention of peanuts, cashews, pecans or macadamias in the Bible; the only nuts mentioned in that book are almonds and pistachios.  

You also might be surprised to learn that the blood of a grasshopper is white !   

And just in case that it’s still cold up there, as you know Polar bears can grow to be massive, weighing more than 2000.lbs as adults. However, when they are born, polar bear cubs weigh no more than a pound.  

See you in the club or on the bank
Warm regards  

March 2017


Hi and welcome to the start of another GREAT YEAR at the club!

I would like to say thank you for your continued confidence in me to be your Commodore for another year.
Although the club is closed right now, the board and I thought that we should keep you aware of what's up-coming for the opening weeks.

But first, we have to say thanks to the Babes for the "after" A G M meeting finger foods and to Ursula for the preparation and serving.

We start off with a private party on the 30th of March for about 55 / 60 people from 5 till 10 pm. The bar will be open as usual for our members... but, please remember that there is a private function going on.

This will be followed by the next night, by one of our (soon to be) world famous Pot-luck dinners ( Fri the 31st ) We are anticipating a good turn out so come early and don't forget your favorite dish. (both the one in a bowl and the two legged one!)

Warm regards Ron.

January 2017


Hi and welcome to the first Signal for 2017

Shirl and I would like to wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.

We ended the year on a positive note , with well attended dinners fun filled functions and even though we had low water in the fall , we still had a great boating season.

As you know the club will be closed for Jan, Feb, an March.. We WILL be open for the AGM on Sunday the 5th of Feb. Club will open at noon for those that would like to come down and visit with friends or have a drink before the meeting starts at 2 P M ( Toronto Humber Time . The parking lot will be plowed as necessary to give access to the south end BUT mainly for club house emergences.

The grand re-opening will again be a POT-LUCK on Fri March 31st. Mark this date on your calendar and look for that recipe that you told me about. I will have a new recipe from the Cabbage Patch in Samsula for you to try. Hope to see you at the official re-opening and start to the summer season.

Now here's something; At the start of World War 1, American financier August Belmont Jr. volunteered for the U.S. Army - at the age of 64. He served in France as a major in the Army Air Service. His wife was so proud that when one of their mares, Mahuhah, gave birth to a colt in 1917 , she named it in honor of her husband , not realizing that " Man o' War " would become one of the greatest racehorses of all time.

Almost a thousand years before Johannes Gutenberg introduced mechanical movable type to Europe, people in Asia were already printing messages set in type. The oldest recorded such piece, from China, translates as "Beware of Dog" ( go figure ) And it was the 20th century Swiss - American psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross who said "People are like stained glass windows: They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light with-in."

Warm regards Ron.

December 2016


Hi and welcome to the Merry Christmas edition of your signal

Looks like Dec is going to be another busy month with John Frazer's fund raiser on Dec followed the next day with a Skuller's party. It is an evening function for about 40 people.

Kris Kringle is on the 18th of Dec and starts about 4pm. This is always a fun time. Bring a wrapped gift worth no more than $ 30.00 and get in on the fun. You never know what you will go home with.

Make plans to come down for the "last dinner" of the year on Dec 23rd. It will be a POT-LUCK and will be a chance to see every one before the Christmas week-end. Your food does not have to be Christmas related.

Christmas Hours
Thursday Dec 22 and Friday Dec 23/16 - normal club hours
Saturday Dec 24 /16 - 12pm to 4pm
Sunday Dec 25/16 - CLOSED
Monday Dec 26/16 - 4pm to 8pm

Closing preparations will take place Friday Dec 30th and Saturday Dec 31/16

Not many of you have heard of Ann Taylor Cook. She was about four months old when her image was sketched in charcoal by a family friend. It was submitted about a year later and in 1931 Ann's sketch became Gerber's official trademark. She grew up and had four children taught Literature and writing in Tampa and retired in 1989. Ann just celebrated her 90th birthday, ( Nov 20th ) Happy Birthday Miss Gerber.

Shirl and I would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and festive season.

See you on the bank ( weather permitting ) and in the club

Warm regards Ron

November 2016


Hi and welcome to your November edition of your signal

The club has lost a good friend and member of the THYC.

With the passing of Adam, another page in the club history book is turned and closed….Rest easy my friend, sail with calm waters and enjoy your wine.

Chris has stepped up to be the acting Vice Commodore until the AGM in February, at which time he intends to run for that position.
Thank you Chris !!!!

We are all pulling for Todd ( Chris's dad ) who is in the hospital with a serious blood disorder.

At this time ( Sunday ) he is doing well. The swelling has gone down a lot and he is not in as much pain.

Bob has turned the water and power off down the bank. So now the bank and the boats are ready for the cooler (cold) weather.
Enjoy the club and bank while it is still warm, and enjoy the club when it gets a little cooler.

Warm regards

October 2016


Hi and Welcome to your Oct edition of the Signal.

Sept was one of the busiest months that we have had for a LONG time.

With the end of the EX,, the Air Show , followed by the corn roast the next week-end then a wedding the following week-end, then the Commodores Ball and to end the month, another wedding. Never ran out of beer either, came close, but never ran out!

Now that we are into Oct, the next thing on our " plate " is Thanksgiving Pot luck ( did you get the pun ? ) On Fri the 7th. Then the two “wanna be” Italians will be hosting their ( soon to be, maybe ! ) world famous Italian Fri night dinner on Oct the 21st. Also there is NO truth to the rumor that one of the recipes came off the back of a can ! Don't forget that Alex will be here to provide us with the sweet sounds of his accordion.

Friday the 28th of Oct is open for someone to host a dinner. How about something scary for Halloween?

Give June or Adam or Shirl a call and lets “do a dinner “

I mentioned the commodores Ball. The candle holders that were on the tables were made possible by the VERY generous donation from Larry McGrath and not to be out done, the wine for the tables was donated by the Babes.

A tip of the THYC burgee, to all who made the night such a success. That includes Keith the chef and his girls for the GREAT food and James our DJ. who played well into the next morning. We have not heard anything from MPAC, with regards to our taxes. When we do we will let you know how we are making out.

We are losing approx 2.5 minutes of daylight , every day , at this time of year and when the sun dips down behind the trees on the west side of the parking lot you can feel the temp drop as fast as the Sun. but cheer up, in just over 90 days; the days start to get longer ! ( means back to warm weather ? ) Dec ? ?

Enjoy the fall colors and crisp breezes. Hope to see you in the club or, on the bank

Warm Regards Ron.

September 2016


Hi and what happened to the EX?

It's over! And the Air Show seemed to just fly by as well. Could this be the start of the summer slow down?

I don't think the club is slowing down as the next fun event is almost here.

The 37th annual Corn Roast will be here on Sept 10th starting at 4pm. ( see the flyer inside ) Always a FUN time and although not in the flyer, I think that the Earlscourt Pipe Band ( or some of the guys ) will make an appearance again this year and MIGHT just jam with the Steel drums as they have in the past. A DO NOT MISS GREAT SOUND!

Then just two short weeks later comes the Commodore's Ball. This year it will be a very enjoyable evening with great people, an excellent dinner and fine sweet music for your listening and dancing pleasure.

It's nice to see and have CHRIS back in and around the club after his ordeal. WELCOME BACK ps…. don't forget to pick up some beer now that you are off the MEDS ! And on a reverse note, we have to say, “Safe Trip Home” to George and Christina Veveris who are heading back to their home in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the winter.

Mark this date on your calendar FRI OCT 21st. As we are going to have a REAL Italian dinner prepared by two wanna - be Italians. Music played by Alex on the accordion and included in your dinner ticket will be a nice Italian beer "Peroni ". Also available for purchase will be Italian wine by the glass or bottle. Watch for more info in up-coming flyers.

Tickets MAY be reserved through Ursula BUT if you " no - show " you will still be responsible for the ticket.

Hope to see you on the water, on the bank or in the club.

Warm Regards Ron

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